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ABOUT US - Tjeerdsma Jachtschilder


Tjeerdsma schilderwerken was founded in 1993. Our business can be found in Grou, in the province of Friesland. We are specialized in the painting and spraying of yachts. With the same precision that I use when painting yachts I will gladly paint your home or business. I use only the best materials, glazing will always be placed according to the appropriate NEN-norms and/or NPR guidelines.

If your home is older than 2 years we can offer you the lower 6% VAT tariff for painting and papering work.

The environment is a very important aspect in our work, seen that we work with sometimes dangerous waste materials, we will make it our business to take care of the removal of those materials.

Our way of working is quite simple, , professionality is the key factor!! In answer to your enquiry, I will personally visit you to discuss the job. You will then receive a clear painting cost estimate and as soon as we finish our planning we will inform you when we will start the paintjob, always after checking with you if this is a convenient time and date.
Tjeerdsma Schilderwerken is a professional painting company with years of experience in the painting and the upkeeping of yachts as well as homes and businesses.